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Client Testimonials

“Filed bankruptcy – He was very helpful in helping me file and the fact he didn’t ask for anything upfront was huge to me.. thank u “– Reiny

“Caring, Compassionate, Professional – Jarred was fantastic from the start. He took the time to get to know our situation and guide us in the best direction. He made the excruciating process of filing for bankruptcy protection as smooth as it could be. He has continued to be helpful throughout the process and has advised us through many hurdles along the way. I highly recommend his services.”– Ryan

“Jarred has been really great to work with. Very quick, and responsive in getting things done. I would recommend Jarred in representing my friends, and family.”– Trudy S.

“Jarred is an amazing lawyer. I was a bit worried about hiring another attorney due to my previous and bad situation that I had before but I am glad that I found Jarred. He took the time to really hear out my situation and explain to me what could be done. He truly cares about his clients and I would definitely recommend his services to anybody that is in a bad situation and is needing a sincere and genuine lawyer that truly cares. He is that to go to Guy. Great lawyer and I am 100% happy with his services. Thanks again Jarred!”– A Satisfied Client

“Jarred is absolutely wonderful to work with! He has helped me with everything, from answering questions to getting stuff done the right way! He’s great, and so extremely nice. He goes out of his way to make accommodations for you, and help you feel comfortable when dealing with things that can be so stressful. I would highly recommend him!”– Taylor W.

“Jarred has been great to work with! Responsive, personable, and professional. That’s all I wanted and exactly what I got. Would recommend to anyone.”– Matt B.

“Jarred was absolutely amazing. He was a bright spot in a really difficult and dark time for me! Quick to get answers and submit things. Timing was perfect and he was so kind and helpful the entire time! So glad I decided to reach out to him for help! I was not disappointed! Thank you so much for everything.”– Sarah B.

“Having been frustrated working with another attorney, I turned to Jarred for help. Within just a few days, everything was ready and filed. Jarred made the process simple and less overwhelming. His positive attitude and genuine concern for his clients was unexpected and greatly appreciated.”– Kim J.

“Jarred has been completely amazing during one of the hardest time in our lives. He is truly on your side in the darkest moment. Very thorough with explanations and processes. One of the best finds ever.”– Katrina L.

“Jarred was a dream to work with in the middle of a nightmare. He talked us through our options and helped us see that this was just a temporary setback. It’s hard to file bankruptcy when you have no funds to do so. He was able to set us up with a payment plan that allowed us to get it done right away and start rebuilding credit. We are so grateful for his compassion, kindness and assistance. We’re on a new path and feel so relieved.”– Brandy S.

“Jarred is a great guy to work with. Jarred really helped us out with a bad situation and I’m forever grateful to him. This guy worked hard for us and helped keep us going forward. Give jarred a chance to help you out also.”– Jeffrey K.

“Jarred was absolutely great with all of the information that he gave as well as walking me through the bankruptcy process. He elaborated everything with me and made sure that I understood the paperwork and the steps during and after filing for bankruptcy.
Overall, bankruptcy is not an ideal thing to have to do, but Jarred truly did make me feel a lot more at ease doing this. He was very professional and understanding through it all. I would definitely recommend going through him if you decide that bankruptcy is the best option for you.”– Nessa V.

“I don’t even know where to begin with how outstanding and most importantly easy it was for me!! Jarred was always available when I had questions, and worry!!☺️ I highly recommend him, he knows the process so well, crosses the T’s and dots the I’s.”– D haseya

“I set up the appointment online, received the first consultation and within 24-48 hours I was filed. It was fast. He is so very friendly and helpful. He filed my paperwork later that night because I had to work. He helped me, when I did think I had anywhere else to turn. I would definitely recommend him to family, friends and I would use him again if needed.”– Christene G.

“I’m very happy with the services that Jarred has given me. He very professional and helpful with explaining the process of bankruptcy and was very understanding with my procrastination I would highly recommend his services.”– Jesse B.

“Jarred is AMAZING!!! He is so knowledgeable, helpful and considerate of your needs. He walked me through the whole process and did exactly what he said he was going to do. Answered all my questions and took the extra time to make sure I understood. I recommend him HIGHLY. You won’t be disappointed.”– Daisy N.

“Jarred was awesome to work with! Super friendly and went out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He was excellent at getting right back to us if we had any questions or concerns. Always seemed genuinely happy to help and was great at expressing his gratitude for our business.”– Traci

“Finding Jarred online was a blessing. To me the way a person makes you feel is a big plus. Jarred helped us feel comfortable with our process. He is straight forward and honest and is just a funny laid back guy and on top of all that he’s professional and informative.”– Joan V.

“Great communication, answered every questions I needed answered, walked me through everything so I didn’t miss a thing… Also payment planned helped me and my family a lot.”– Crystal g.

“Jarred made a stressful, hard time, so much easier. He was so easy to work with, very informative, and a huge help. He took so much stress off and I appreciate him so much. I would definitely recommend him.”– Summer B.

“I highly recommend Henline Law. Dealing with Jarred with my Bankruptcy Filing was as painless possible. I will recommend him to everyone I know.”– Tricia H.

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